Learning Maths - 6

REF NO. : ISBN 978-81-7379-645-6
  • Board : CBSE BOARD
  • Subject : MATHEMATICS

Learning Maths series for classes 6, 7 and 8 has been developed in strict conformity with the lates curriculum guidelines laid down by the National Curriculum Framework.The books have been formatte according to the evaluation system suggested by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).

About The Authors

Swati Duggal Chojer, an accomplished mathematics teacher at Modern School, New Delhi has been teaching Mathematics for the last 22 years.

Omlata Singh, member of review and development committee of NCERT textbooks, has a teaching experience of over 30 years.

Series Reviewer

Aamita Varma was a member of the prim, math syllabus revision committee of the NCERT in 2005 and has co-authored Math Textbooks for NCERT (200S -2007) and for the SCERT Delhi (2003-2004). She has been on the panel of several NCERT projects that include development of learning material and Teachers' support book on Mathematics.Asmita has been teaching Mathematics since 1999.


  • Clear and concise introduction is provided for each topic with fundamental concepts and necessa formulae
  • Interlinked topics connect the concepts learnt in the initial chapters to the ideas in the subsequen chapters.
  • Extensive drilling with wide variety of questions test reasoning and application.
  • CBSE suggested Lab Activities provide hands-on exposure.
  • Try These sections help students to be prompt in their class response.
  • Points to Remember for recalling important facts and formulae.
  • Chapter Check-up provide mixed questions for self assessment.