Yoga - 8

REF NO. : ISBN 978-93-5263-209-1
  • Board : ICSE BOARD
  • Subject : YOGA & Physical Education


Sureshna Saini

Gold medalist, Master of Physical Education, L.N.I.P.E, GwalioR

Sajal Maitra

Yoga Teacher, La Martiniere for Boys, Kolkata


  • Based on NCERT curriculum
  • Asanas explained in detail with adequate illustrations
  • Detailed analysis of asanas with different postures
  • Vivid description of steps and benefits of each asana
  • Lucid and simple language make the book user-friendly
  • Three sections of the book deal with different aspects:
    • Section 1: Introduction of Yoga
    • Section 2: Detailed analysis of each asana and their benefits
    • Section 3: Practical modules for practical purposes
  • Perfectly illustrated, logically and practically explained with realistic images